Post Covid-19 Travel Bucketlist!

Hey y’all! Welcome back! During my spare time at home I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs. I can’t help but notice the trend of Post Covid-19 bucket lists. So I thought I would do my own spin on it and share with you all the different places I want to visit after this is all over. Before I continue I would just like to say I am very grateful to have been able to visit many other countries and this is by no means me complaining. I hope you enjoy this post!


Despite many other trips I have never been to the U.S, although I’d love to. In fact we were planning on possibly going next year but that won’t happen now so I can just add it to my list of places I want to visit after the pandemic. Although I would love to see all of the U.S I do have some places in particular that I would really love to go! For example California, New York, Alaska, Hawaii and Texas are all on the top of my list for different reasons and I would jump at the chance to see them!

Bora Bora

Another place on the top of my bucket list is Bora Bora. The beautiful French Polynesian island is located in the South Pacific, and practically screams stereotypical summer vacations. If you’ve never been to or heard of Bora Bora that pretty much sums it up. I would love to go there and relax on the beaches or dine on the huts above the water. Bora Bora is such a summery tropical place it just had to be on my list.


Another summery and tropical place I would love to visit is the Caribbean. For almost the same reasons I love the idea of a beautiful summer vacation filled with swimming, food and natural beauty. I also love the countries/places that still have culture and heritage to immerse yourself in. I would love to do a holiday that incorporated going to all the cultural and heritage sights as well as swimming and lounging around.


I know your probably sick of all these tropical destinations and are probably thinking that this girl has a island summer vacation problem. Honestly I probably do but looking at some of these amazing places I’m pretty sure I’m not alone! Looking at pictures I think Bali looks amazing! I would love to poke around local markets or go to visit the Monkey Forest (I’ve been told of their cheeky behaviours) I think it would make an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


To be quite honest I’ve wanted to go to Spain for a little while now. I even tried to teach myself Spanish last year (I can vaguely remember a couple of phrases!) Nevertheless I’ve always been intrigued by the Spanish people and their culture. I would love to go to Spain and at the moment it is probably on top of my bucket list. Considering it my be a while since I get to go I might have to pick up my Spanish books again!


The way I found out about Argentina was a little unusual. It was actually through a Netflix documentary about hockey great Luciana Aymar and the Argentinian team the lioness’ (side note great documentary highly recommend) anyways I instantly loved the architecture and people of the South American country. Maybe it’s because I’d get to use my Spanish? Not that I know much currently 😂! Anyways I’d love to go to Argentina and couldn’t resist adding it to this list.


I would love to go to Canada! A lot of my friends and family have gone to Canada and I’ve heard so many positive things about it! I also think It could produce some killer photos! Canada is known for its amazing wildlife and I honestly would go to see just that and Canada is also home of bacon and maple syrup so I think I have multiple reasons to visit! I also would love to wander the streets of Vancouver and see what I can find!


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the tech centre of the world! I would love to wander the streets of Tokyo with amazing festivals and beautiful lights. Tokyo is a very modern city in a culturally rich and unique country. I’m pretty sure if I went to Tokyo I would definitely make an effort to go to more of the heritage sort of sights! I would love to go to Japan and experience some of the cultural things it has to offer as the Japanese traditions and temples are quite unique, amazing and easily as beautiful as the modern day cities.

Thanks for reading until the end I hope you enjoyed this post! There are so many amazing places in the world waiting to be discovered! This is just my personal bucket list of places I’d love to go. I must admit it was hard narrowing down on my list so it didn’t take you guys hours to read! I hope you enjoyed this post, have an awesome day and keep smiling!

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  1. Bora Bora looks like actual paradise

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      I know right!

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