My Trip to New South Wales

”Don’t worry about the world ending today because it’s already tomorrow in Australia”

~Charles M Schulz

Hey! I’ve Been all over the place in Australia it’s one of my favourite countries! But because it’s so big I can’t fit it all into one post so today I’m just doing New South Wales!! ( Please note there are a million cool places to go these are just my favourites!)


Dubbo is a great place to stay! It’s your classic rural town with a bit more to offer, it’s got the best zoo I’ve ever seen! It’s a massive open inclosure zoo, which means up close interactions, tonnes of happy animals and hard core cardio!!

~Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets~

~Oscar Wilde

Kangaroo Valley

The Kangaroo Valley is your perfect weekend away! Full of rich country side and delicious food there’s no better place! You can go hiking through the Australian bush and maybe even catch a glimpse of a wild kangaroo, koala or wombat!!

Byron Bay

Ok, so this one just makes it in, because it almost on the border between New South Wales and Queensland! But it’s too good to leave out. It could also possibly be the best beach in Australia! Byron Bay is a seriously good photo spot and is absolutely stunning.

Central Coast

The Central Coast is sooooo pretty! It’s an array of cute little towns based on the edge of the water! It has the cutest little beaches all along the coast from Hawkesbury to Lake Macquarie it is not a place to miss!!!

Sydney City

For first time Aussie tourists i still 110% recommend all the major land marks they’re awesome!! But my favourite thing to do is just go to the harbour for the day! Exploring the markets food and music on offer!!

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are such an amazing unique Aussie landmark! There’s nowhere quite like it! So pack you bags and prepare yourself for the full Australian emersion!! If that isn’t for you checkout the Springwood markets! They’re super cute and all small, local businesses!! It’s a must see destination for any tourist!!!

The Northern Beaches

These beaches (and the whole area) are ultimate luxury!! Especially Manly! Manly is my go to place to hang in the summer!! Pro tip if you want less hectic go to Shelly Beach!! It’s a smaller beach to the side but it’s just as good!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!! But some of these places listed are really struggling in the post drought and bushfire crisis. If you’re interested in travelling to some of these local towns they could really use the support.

Thanks for reading! I hope it was time well spent!!:)-Sophie

Photo’s by: unsplash-logo
Tom King

Delphine Ducaruge

Dan Freeman

Bee Balogun

James Donaldson

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