A Guide to Setting Goals

Hey y’all! Right now is the perfect time to be productive and get organised! I recently shared a post on things to do to keep productive and organised at the moment (I’ve put the link here!). So as an add on from that post, today’s post is all about setting goals. Full disclaimer this isContinue reading “A Guide to Setting Goals”

What is Feminism?

Hey every one today I am writing a post on a cause that is quite important to me. I haven’t talked about this on my blog before but feminism is something I am exceedingly passionate about. No I haven’t been treated unfairly. No, there isn’t any personal trauma behind the belief. I originally found somethingContinue reading “What is Feminism?”

Black Lives Matter

Black people and Indigenous people have been mistreated and abused for centuries. It is a practise that has lasted too long and must be changed. Your race and the colour of your skin should not matter, we are all human. This post is all about the mistreatment of the African-American people. This is a callContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

8 Ideas to Keep Productive and Organised

Hey y’all. Following along my recent theme of things to do in quarantine I decided to do a whole post on things that you can do at home. That are not only going to save you from boredom but also help you keep organised and productive at home. Hope you enjoy this post! Podcasts I’mContinue reading “8 Ideas to Keep Productive and Organised”