What is Feminism?

Hey every one today I am writing a post on a cause that is quite important to me. I haven’t talked about this on my blog before but feminism is something I am exceedingly passionate about. No I haven’t been treated unfairly. No, there isn’t any personal trauma behind the belief. I originally found something about it in a book. I did some extra research and figured considering I am female it would be pretty stupid not to want equality for myself and the billions of other women out there.

Before I start this post I would like to give you my definition of feminism. Feminism is wanting equal rights. Personally I know that being a feminist is often quite misunderstood. Saying that I’m a feminist doesn’t mean that I hate all men. It doesn’t mean I want all the power to the women. It means that I want equality. It doesn’t mean that men won’t have to give up some of their power, because they will. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to disagree with them sometimes, because I will. But this is all part of it. Feminism is believing that women and men are equals. That we should be treated the same. Whether that’s what we wear, the title we’re given, how we treat one another or how much we’re payed.

I know when I talk about feminism that a lot of people envision angry women parading up and down busy city streets with posters in arm. I know some people automatically think about discrimination against girls who want to play soldiers or wear shorts instead of skirts. Some people see women working alongside men in major corporate jobs. Yes that is all apart of it. But it is apart of a much bigger picture.

One thing that is often misinterpreted is that feminism is only about girls. It’s not. Feminism includes letting boys wear dresses or play with barbies. It includes getting rid of that stereotypes that has been set for us, that boys have to be manly and girls have to be girly. That boys can’t cry and girls have to be lady-like. I’m not saying you can’t be those things I’m saying you should have a choice. I know that some people say that we do have a choice, but really we don’t. It’s either we fit into this mould that the world has shaped or we face discrimination, bullying and a hardship because we are different. Feminism is about freedom and liberation. It’s about tearing down those moulds that society has set for us. Not just for women but for the human race as a whole.

The Oxford dictionary defines feminism as; “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

In summary feminism is something that is quite often misunderstood. I felt it was important to correct some misunderstandings that people have about this particular topic.

I would like to thank you for reading this post. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Black Lives Matter

Black people and Indigenous people have been mistreated and abused for centuries. It is a practise that has lasted too long and must be changed. Your race and the colour of your skin should not matter, we are all human. This post is all about the mistreatment of the African-American people. This is a call for change, something must be done to handle the violence and abuse that has been, and continues to be, inflicted upon them. I am calling for change.

Before I get on with this post I would like to address something that I have come across quite often. I would like to ask you a question. When you hear the words Black lives matter, what is your immediate response? Is it to agree to the statement or counter it with all lives matter? Or do you go on with everyday life like nothing has happened? If you feel like responding to that statement with “all lives matter” or “all lives are worth the same”, I would like you to think about the impact of your words. Saying all lives matter is like bringing a present to a friends party and saying it’s for your cousin who’s birthday is next week, because her birthday matters too. It is like pinning a poster for your lost cat over the top of someone else’s for their lost dog, because all pets are worth the same. You see what I mean? Also if you say all lives matter and truly believe what you’re saying, you’ll acknowledge that all lives won’t matter until Black ones do too. It is not just your words that can impact others, it can also be your silence. If you don’t say anything, you have chosen the side of the opposer. You don’t have to do much, just show your support, educate yourself on the horrible things that happen in our world and spread the word. Tell others about all these dreadful events that occurs in our world every day. Think of all our Black and Indigenous people, they are all human too. I don’t mean this to upset or anger anyone I am simply asking that you think before you say. Now on with the post.

African – Americans

As most know African-Americans were enslaved throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Although some things have improved, they are still disregarded and harmed unfairly. Recently there was an incident where an African – American man died a tragic and unjust death. His name was George Floyd. He had a life, a family and dreams. Black Lives Matter is an international movement that was founded in 2012 after the death of African – American teenager Trayvon Martin. Since Mr Floyds death there has been an uproar of supporters to this movement. This is a result of people worldwide having enough with racism.

Government and Police Racism and Brutality

The story of George Floyd has made its way across the globe and has sparked outrage around the world and so it should. It is a tragic story of injustice and abuse. For anyone who doesn’t know the story of George Floyd I have linked it here. What happened to Mr Floyd is unacceptable. I am a white Australian girl on the other side of the world and I am pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I am outraged by this incident. George Floyd was not the only case of death at the hands of racism. Even in Australia our Indigenous Australians (the Aboriginal people) are nowhere near as well treated as the average white Australian. Around the world people are taking part in protests. People are angry. Fired up not just about Mr Floyd but about thousands of Black people whose lives have been taken from them by police. All those people who are afraid to walk past a police car for fear of being abused or killed. The stats for police abuse of African-Americans in the U.S are disgusting. To give you an insight I have included stats in the following section.

Police Brutality Statistics (USA)

The statistics for police abuse of black people is disturbing and completely wrong. African-Americans make up 12% of the total American population, but they make-up 37% of prisoners. Black people make up the majority of the American inmates with white Americans making the 2nd largest and Hispanics making the 3rd. African-Americans also make up 26.4% of the people killed by police. In America 1004 people were shot and killed by police in 2019. It has also been proven that Black women are killed at a higher rate than any other group of women. African-Americans are 10x more likely to be jailed than white Americans.

What Needs to Happen

The main issue in this is power. We need white people to come and fight, to use their white privilege to help fight for equality. We need people to break the silence and face the facts. We need people to educate themselves on the horrors that occur. We need people to speak out. Right now thousands of protests are happening worldwide Black and White people coming together for peace and equality. That is how we are going to get out of this. By helping each other many races, many colours, all human.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix

What You Can do

There are many places you can campaign or donate. If you want to do neither of those, spread the word. Post on your social media platforms use your voice. Research all the horrible things that happen, a lot of which we don’t hear about. Take control and educate yourself . You have a voice, use it to change the world. If you do want to donate I have a link below. I also have links below for great websites you can use to learn more.

Places to Research

Donate to Blacklivesmatter.com I have placed the link below

Thank you for reading this post I hope that it has been informative or has sparked your voice. I encourage you to speak out in a peaceful way. Use your voice for the benefit of others and our world as a whole. Work together towards equality, peace and unity. I hope you’re all safe and well. – Sophie

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