Hey! In this section of my blog you’ll get to learn a little more about me and my personal story! I have a condition called IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Which means that my gastrointestinal tract doesn’t function the same way as an average person. Giving me several allergies and intolerances. IBS is something that varies from person to person. There are many symptoms and reasons that people have IBS. I was diagnosed with type D IBS when I was just 7 years old and my mission is to help other people realise the syptoms earlier rather than later and to also help them to accept it. That just because they’re different it shouldn’t stop them from slaying their goals! IBS affects a lot of people but majority of them are never diagnosed. In fact IBS effects approximately 15% of the global population!


Think you might have IBS? Don’t be afraid just check out Irritable Bowel Syndrome-continence.org.au then consult your doctor!


Got an allergy? These are my favourite websites for GF, DF, Vegan, Nut and egg free foods! cookieandkate.com, shelikesfood.com and godairyfree.org


“Failure will never over take me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

-Og Mandino

I would love to here your stories feedback and ideas!! Just add a comment!!-Sophie

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